Monday, May 28, 2007

Jordin Sparks weighs in on the burning issue of the day

That whole MeMe Roth thing got me so furious I decided not to blog about it. As belledame222 pointed out in her comment about my Ann Coulter post, the real question is why the hell these hateful individuals keep getting air time, and on so-called news programs, yet. If for some reason you have not already seen the video, go to Feministe and check it out.

So why do I bring it up now? Because the AP put out a story about Jordin Sparks and the runner up dude, which contained the following grafs:

How will she stay grounded, resisting entertainment industry pressures that can include an extreme emphasis on weight?

"Oh, that super-thin stuff — Hollywood needs to get over it," she said lightly.

Well, that seems pretty level-headed, doesn't it? I hope she manages to keep that attitude in her further adventures in the entertainment industry.

Speaking of American Idol, I keep seeing the runner-up referred to as a "beatboxer." I haven't seen any of his performances, but I'm guessing they also include him putting down a piece of corrugated cardboard and spinning on his head. You know, they've just come out with Shrek the Third and Pirates of the Caribbean 3--I wonder if Ice-T is available to be in Breakin' 3? And what the heck would the subtitle be? However could you top Electric Boogaloo?