Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All Falwell, all the time

Several posts ago, I said I wouldn't blog any more about Falwell's death. Then the Westboro Baptist Church wingnuts got involved. "Okay, one more post," I thought, "then I'm finished." Then Ann Coulter put her oar in. After that, I thought, okay, this story has gotten as interesting (or bizarre) as it's going to, so there's no need to give it a lick of attention. Right?

Well, it seems that was just wishful thinking on my part. Now it seems a student at Liberty University decided that the best way to discourage WBC protests of Falwell's would be to set off a bomb or two. Here's the story on CNN.

I won't say I won't ever mention Falwell here again--who knows what further wackiness will ensue.

On an odd but positive note, people have been finding me because The Bisexualist is the #1 Google hit for "cause of Falwell's death."